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Sara Sanviti’s office deals with the civil engineering in general and the hydraulic (water) and the environmental engineering in particular. The office has existed since ten years ago and its organization is based on ethical principles, on environmental respect and on energetic saving.
Sara Sanviti travels either by bicycle or by public transports; she rarely uses a car (she doesn't have one of her own), although she has a driving licence (“D” type). In her office, she uses only simple technology and she uses printing centres for make prints and copies of her works, in order to contribute to contain energetic consumptions and to reduce waste production.
The ideology followed by Sara Sanviti’s office is better described in the page: “Who is who
On the line of the principles described above, the Office offers services that are described in the page: "Our services and charges".

Who is an engineer in Italy

Who is an engineer in Italy - sara sanviti
An Italian engineer is not someone “who knows all”, as commonly believed, but he is someone whom is able to organize data, to formulate and solve problems. Someone has to give him data. An engineer, in short, is an organizer, able to combine things in order to obtain the best solution.
Engineering is an “intellectual profession”, like artistic professions, because an engineer is, in his own way, an “artist”, a creative.
The competences of an engineer are established by law (Capo IV of R.D. 23 october 1925, nr. 2537) and they concern:
- the plan, the management and the estimate of acts needed to extract, to transform and to use materials, directly or indirectly, necessary to the building industry or to the factories;
- the plan, the management and the estimate of works concerning ways and means of transport, of flow and of communication;
- the plan, the management and the estimate of works of every sort concerning machines and industrial plants;
- the plan, the management and the estimate of works concerning physical applications;
- the works on civil buildings (except the ones that have a considerable artistic character: in these works the engineer can only work on the technical parts);
- the geometrical surveys;
- the operations of estimate.
If you want to know the specific works of the office of Sara Sanviti, you have to go to the page: “Our services and charges”.

What the deontological Code reports

The deontological Code reports that the profession of engineer is an activity of public interest and the engineer is personally responsible for his own work; in fact, he subscribes only the professional services that he personally makes or directs, for the customers and the community. The Code also reports that the engineer meets obligations with care and diligence and he does not provide professional services when his own interest or the interest of his customer are in conflict with his professional duty. The engineer, at last, declines a task when he thinks that he has not an adequate knowledge about it or if he thinks that he has not an adequate potentiality to meet obligations (article 1).
The Code tells that the relationship with the customer is fiduciary and it has to be fair, clear and correct; the engineer must keep professional secret and define, in advance and clearly, the contents, the compensations and the terms of professional services. Engineers, at last, must save the decorum of profession (article 4).
In his own activity, engineer has to aim at the optimization of natural resources and at the lowest waste of sources of energy (article 5).

Ask for a free estimate

Ask for a free estimate - sara sanviti
Please, set forth your problem and ask for a free estimate and also a copy of contractual conditions. Go to page: “Contacts”.

Thank you for consulting this website.

Thank you for consulting this website. - sara sanviti
The office of Sara Sanviti thanks you for consulting this website and wishes you a good result of your search, of every type, that led you to visit this site.
For every information about the Italian law, you can find free valuable help at the link: “Ingegneria Oggi”; it is a blog where you can ask questions and obtain answers in a little time.
Thank you again,
Sara Sanviti

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